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Always Wireless brings you RF knowledge, for design / development / qualification, supporting your product marketing, completing your R&D team or close to your external electronic design partner.

radio électronique wireless antenne

- Working frequency choice (CE, US or INT)

- Communication protocol selection

   (WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, WM-Bus,

   3/4G, proprietary.)

- Specification and design : Structure vs Price

- Always "Design to Cost"

- Schematics & BOM production

radio électronique wireless antenne


- Use of most standards

   components & modules

- Development of integrated subassemblies

   and associated passive networks

   (Filters, PA, LNA)

- Highest performances

   vs minimum components

- Firmware design engineers support

- Extended performance LoRa® sensitivity

radio électronique wireless antenne


- Radiated performances qualification

- Radio ruggedness & immunity testing

- Radiated diagrams extraction

- SigFox® maximums research

- Pre-certification under today RF standards

- Prefered contact

   for your notified laboratories

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